No Labelexpo this month? No problem.

on Sep 10, 2020 in Products

With Labelexpo’s postponement until next March, our industry has to wait to see, touch and feel all of the latest and greatest products on the market.

But why wait?

We know that our customers make their planned capital investments around this time so that they can begin realizing their return on investment in 2020. But, just as we have pivoted to the digital realm for our business during the pandemic, we can do the same now in lieu of this trade show.

Here’s just a sampling of some of our headliners that WOULD have been at this month’s Labelexpo. Take a look!


*New* FW Handy Mini-2

Flexo Wash Handy Mini Anilox Cleaner

Our most economical model, able to clean two rolls at the same time.
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*Updated* FW993XL.NXT

Flexo Wash FW993XL.nxt  Anilox Cleaner

This great anilox cleaner now has automatic liquid filling, automatic lid opening, better and faster draining, a liquid level indicator and an easy access pull-out tank, plus much more. This cleaner can be configured to clean 3, 6 or 9 anilox rolls.
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FW 850 and 850-2 Laser Cleaners

Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaner

Our latest Narrow Web Laser Cleaners clean one to two anilox rolls per wash. Most importantly, it is a waste-free and sustainable cleaning method with no liquid handling or consumption.
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PW 45 Plate Washer

Flexo Wash Plate Washer

Our Plate Washers are designed to clean all types of inks. There is a belt conveyer for easy loading of plates, which are cleaned and dry in minutes.
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Flexo Wash PK Eco Midi Parts Washer

The PK ECO-series are fully automatic and clean all kinds of parts. The machines are controlled by a microprocessor, where it is easy to set the different programs such as wash time. All models can be customized with holders for chambers securing the best washing result for your specific chambers.
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PK 200 Top Load

Flexo Wash PK Top Loader Parts Washer

These Parts Washers are perfect if you require a larger wash area than the PK ECO-series can provide. The stainless-steel units also come with a custom-built wash area solution. Handling of the parts is made more accessible with slide-in grid, which means that the back grid can be slid to the front of the machine for easier mounting of parts. 
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PK 92

Flexo Wash PK 92 Rotary Screen Cleaner

This cleaning system cleans rotary screen cylinders from printing machines using UV-drying screen inks. The screens are placed on rotating holders and the specially designed jets on both sides of the screen ensure a thorough cleaning. The holder on the PK 92-1 is equipped with an adjustable plate, making it possible to adjust to different screen sizes.
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