Downtime Eliminator: How to Care for Your Plate Washer

on Nov 16, 2018 in How-To Tips

Downtime Eliminator Flexo printing

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Question: How do I care for my plate washer?


Good question, and this is especially timely during the holidays. During your Thanksgiving holiday, don’t forget to keep the sponge roller moist by wrapping it in plastic or soaking it in water over the long weekend. Read on to learn other basic maintenance tips.


Plate Washer

Cleaning plates is a filthy job, plain and simple. The Flexo Wash Plate Washer does an excellent job cleaning plates. But, remember that this machine needs to be cleaned and maintained as well to achieve optimal results.

Weekly Checklist for Plate Washer Maintenance:

Review How to Clean A Plate Washer video anytime (shown below) or on our FAQ’s page. This process of dismantling rolls, brushes and support planes in the plate washer are critical to success. Remember to start by turning off the unit and opening the lid. You will remove the immediately visible roller first by removing the locking pin on the left and right side.

Now is also a good time to make sure all maintenance cycles are in place for the new year.


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