Flexo Wash to Unveil Latest in Laser Anilox Cleaning Technology at Labelexpo Americas 2018

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Flexo Wash to Unveil Latest in Laser Anilox Cleaning Technology at Labelexpo Americas 2018

Flexo Wash is the most innovative leader in Anilox Cleaning technology. Since Flexo Wash first developed the Anilox Cleaner over 25 years ago, more than 3,000 converters and printers have chosen to use Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaners to improve their printing process.

That innovation continues at Labelexpo Americas 2018 with the release of the Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaners. Converters and printers will be able to view the FW 2000 Laser Anilox Cleaner and discuss their printing process cleaning needs with Flexo Wash representatives during Labelexpo.

Laser Anilox Cleaning

Flexo Wash’s latest cleaner – the FW 2000 Laser Cleaner

Ryan Potter, Vice President of Sales for Flexo Wash, attests that “Our customers and prospects are excited to finally have an open and truly comparative conversation about the pros and cons of each technology.  Flexo Wash provides the FLEXOBILITY for converters and printers to choose which system works best for them.”

Laser Anilox Cleaning

Close up detail of the new FW 2000 Laser Cleaner

At Flexo Wash, we know that Clean is Clean, no matter how you get there. Now the printing industry will have two Flexo Wash Cleaning Technologies: the agile Liquid Cleaner and the emerging Laser Cleaner. Like the Liquid Cleaner, the Laser Cleaner gives a perfect cleaning result. As all those in the printing industry know, aniloxes are the heart of the Flexo process — and when properly cleaned, result in higher output on your press with less downtime, material and labor costs.

“The FW 2000 and FW 3000 Laser Anilox Cleaners have the latest in laser technology.  The FW 2000 Laser shown at Labelexpo Americas will clean an Anilox Roll or Sleeve with a maximum cleaning length of 67” (1,700 mm)”, states Anders Kongstad, Technical Director for Flexo Wash in Denmark. “The FW 2000 Laser can also be configured to clean multiple Narrow Web Anilox Rolls or Sleeves in a single cycle.”

Laser Anilox Cleaning

Anders Kongstad, Technical Director for Flexo Wash in Denmark, stands with the FW 2000 Laser Cleaner.


Come discover how we can best improve your current processes with our wide range of Narrow Web products. We can help you discover all the “FLEXOBILITY” of Flexo Wash’s leading cleaning technology.

Visit us at Labelexpo Americas 2018
Booth 511 Hall A
September 25 to September 27
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

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