Case Study #1: Plate Cleaning Got You Down? Problem Solved.

on Nov 8, 2017 in Case Overviews

At Flexo Wash, we talk with our customers, and they talk back! They let us know directly what their issues are and what, “has them down”.  In the last month, we visited with an existing customer and found that dirty anilox was not the most pressing concern.  It has been challenges tied to plate washing.


Plate Washing Has Them Down

This customer is a narrow web printer just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio has two narrow web flexo presses and a Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner.  They are washing their flexo plates by hand and it has become a daunting task…

We found the following:

Purchasing a Plate Washer Leads to a Payoff in Real Dollars

These are common problems, and we have helped a number of customers understand the actual dollars that are lost, and their impact on the bottom line.  After gathering all the data, our customer determined that there is an eight-month payoff in between buying a Flexo Wash Plate Washer and it paying for itself.

The Flexo Wash Plate Wash systems are designed according to the type of printer and type of ink used. All models will wash the polymer plates within only a few minutes, and the unique design and function makes it extremely easy-to-use for the operators.  There’s minimal maintenance, and the job gets done safely, and on schedule with less fuss.

“We like to support our customers so that they eliminate downtime and are more productive.  We know that when an operation runs smoothly day-to-day the profitability of the entire company goes up.  Even incremental changes can affect the bottom line.  That’s why a plate washer purchase often makes sense, even at the beginning of a new year,” said Patrick Potter of Flexo Wash.

Flexo Wash serves all sectors of the label and package printing industry with installations around the world. Today, the Flexo Wash portfolio includes anilox cleaning, plate and plate sleeve washing, rotary screen cleaning technology, as well as the original parts washing machines. It has more than 4,000 machines in everyday commercial use worldwide.


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