Flexo Wash the Choice for ScanMould

on Oct 16, 2017 in Case Overviews

The suite of Flexo Wash cleaning technology has been installed at ScanMould’s plant in Jyllinge, Denmark.

Scandinavia’s first dedicated IML label converter, ScanMould, has installed a suite of Flexo Wash cleaning technology at its plant in Jyllinge, Denmark, to help maintain the high production levels achieved with its new Windmöller & Hölscher CI flexo press and KBA rotary diecutter.  The company, which is owned by Martin Fundal, was established three years ago from his existing label business ScanKet, which manufactures self-adhesive labels at a plant some 30 minutes away.

Having supplied complex oxygen barrier labels to Scandinavia’s largest rigid plastic packaging manufacturer, Fundal saw the opportunity to develop a dedicated production unit to fulfill the growing demand for IML, and to offer a more cost-effective solution.

By printing up to eight colors on a 1300mm W&H Miraflex press and converting on a KBA Rapida RS 106, only the second to come off the production line, he has created a successful production environment.

With the W&H capable of 400 m/m and the KBA of up to 15,000 sheets/hour, ScanMould has a high efficiency requirement for its ancillary equipment, with minimum downtime between jobs and 100% accuracy of essential components and services.

With 15 years’ experience of Flexo Wash products, Fundal had no hesitation in turning to the Danish manufacturer to outfit his new plant. The package of cleaning equipment installed includes a plate washer, an anilox cleaner, a parts washer and a distiller. “They are essential in any modern-day production environment because they allow you to achieve the best results with expensive printing technology,” he explains.

Commenting that the plate washer dramatically extends plate life with its gentle way of cleaning, Fundal says that clean components increase efficiency. “By preventing ink build-up on the plates and thoroughly cleaning the anilox cells to prevent ink transfer, we have removed two variables in our quest for consistent quality.”

The parts washer cleans the chambers, buckets and other ancillary parts. To reduce the amount of solvents used in production, ScanMould decided to invest in a parts washer that runs with eco-friendly liquid supplied by Flexo Wash. The Flexo Wash distiller recycles the used solvent from the press. “We can clean four large anilox rolls at a time in the Flexo Wash unit, and although the W&H has an in-built wash system, we always deep clean our aniloxes once a week in the Flexo Wash unit,” Fundal adds.

With an annual sales capability of around €20m at the Jyllinge plant, Fundal is looking to grow market coverage for his high added-value products that can include metallic finishes. Currently, demand for these include paint cans and products for the fitness supplements market, where he says: “You cannot have too much bling.”

He also believes that new opportunities exist in cosmetics and skin care, including the sun cream market. ScanMould has the potential to become one of the largest IML houses in Europe by volume and has plans to develop. Right now, the company can ship up to 35 pallets of finished product each day.

“It is exciting for us to be involved with such an innovative company, and we are delighted that our track record gave Martin Fundal the confidence to invest heavily in our technology for his ScanMould plant,” says Mette Laursen, international sales manager, Flexo Wash.

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