Plate washing techniques – what’s the difference between new and old?

on Aug 27, 2015 in How-To Tips

Last month we talked about how a log book and tag team approach benefits your preventive maintenance program.  This month, we want to share modern practices for maintaining photopolymer plates.

Old-fashioned, common cleaning practices for plate cleaning include manually cleaning photopolymer plates.  Shop rags and fibrous towels along with soft nylon or other brushes are often used with different chemistries to scrub plates clean.  Drying time, stacking plates before/after cleaning and other storage options must be considered.  The results are often inconsistent and damaging.

Modern, automated cleaning systems are specially designed for cleaning plates and offer a constant, consistent, gentle brush motion.  A circular motion cleans all sides of the tiny dots in a controlled, confined cleaning station.  Since chemical solutions have limited contact with plates, the process is quick and plates are dried and ready for storage.  It’s easy!

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